Ventnor: Harbour and Town

Ventnor and it's environs provide an enormous range of interests for anyone of any age group visiting the area. The town has developed on an ancient landscape complex and retains a local distinctiveness all of it's own. This location gives rise to the rugged and in places, dramatic scenery which is crossed by winding paths and victorian villas that rise from the sea up to the downlands.

It's sloping, southerly facing cliffs, warm sunshine and few winter frosts give rise to the lush vegetation that provides habitats for a diverse and fascinating flora and fauna. The Undercliff environment is unique, offering a home to species more usually found in the mediterranean.

Ventnor is an ideal base to stay and explore the beautiful surroundings, wildlife and network of footpaths. The town provides the opportunities to undertake many activities and visit numerous places of interest, and at the end of the day there is always time to stop at the public houses and restaurants and try the local ales and fare.